Exposure units

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Calmatech UV Exposure Unit 

The Calmatech UV exposure unit is a high quality, safe and selfcontained machine designed for direct and indirect stencil production.
The design features a rapid start, diazo UV point light mounted in an aluminium lamp housing to ensure an even UV spread.
The unit is controlled with an HMI control panel.
Both the control panel and the vacuum rubber are conveniently located at working height.
The machine utilises a UV integrator which accurately measures the UV intensity and compensates for the output degeneration in all older UV lamps. It ensures even and constant exposure, this makes it an important feature of the machine.
The powerful, high volume vacuum pump provides fast and strong contact.
An actinic exposure unit is available as a combined machine with the Calmatech drying cabinet.

Practical advantages

  • Designed for direct and indirect stencil making.
  • Safe and self-contained.
  • Even UV spread.
  • Glass and vacuum rubber at working height.
  • Controlled with a UV integrator or time setting.
  • Fast and strong contact.

Technical advantages

  • Rapid start diazo UV point light source.
  • Aluminium lamp housing.
  • HMI touchscreen control panel.
  • UV integrator.
  • Compensates output degeneration.
  • High volume vacuum pump.

Customized machines can be provided on customer request.

UIT fixation heater
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Copy screen


UIT fixation heater

XPress exposure unit 


UIT fixation heater

Technigraph exposure unit 

  • Type: AC00514
  • Item nr.: 230401
  • 220 V 
  • 10 A
  • 50 Hz
  • Light system type: 6303280
UIT fixation heater